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College Campus Video Surveillance – What You Need to Know

If you’re under the impression that college campuses are somehow safe for young adults, your beliefs will be shattered by the statistics listed below: Out of every 5 female undergraduate students, 4 are subjected to violence in a relationship. The first 8 weeks of classes at college report highest number of cases of sexual assault. More…
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Employee Privacy and Workplace Monitoring

With businesses moving towards digital innovations and corporations becoming more technology-intensive, there’s an inevitable need for video surveillance. Since electronic evidence is gaining precedence over witness accounts and verbal testimony, employers are turning toward electronic monitoring and surveillance as a support for litigation. Since this kind of supervision is unregulated, employees are under observation at…
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Managing Sexual Harassment In the Modern Workplace

Even though the problem of sexual harassment in workplaces has attracted the attention of employers and media, there’s no definite resolution for it in place yet. Fresh graduates who’re on the lookout for jobs are repeatedly reminded of the epidemic that sexual harassment has become. Statistics show that even though a fairly equal ratio of men…
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Top 4 Internal Security Threats to Organizations

The threat to security from internal factors is real and substantial. With 21% businesses in Canada reporting cyber security incidents, the hazards to internal security emerge as a growing concern. It’s also stated that large corporations face double the risk of internal security threats than small enterprises. The Insider Threat Report published in 2018 stated that a…
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Construction Site Security: Some Considerations

The security of a construction site is just as crucial as the work being carried out on the site. Unsecured construction sites are susceptible to theft and vandalism. Although insurance will cover damages, incidents of theft and vandalism can cause sufficient delays. In worst cases, unauthorized personnel may trespass onto dangerous construction sites and seriously injure…
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Planning Security for Special Events

A security plan for a special event involves much more than lining the venue with guards. The process is complicated and requires advanced planning, communication, and coordination with various teams. Hiring the best security services agency will ensure the safety of your guests and prevent any sort of property damage. Here’s what planning security for…
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